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Charcoal Sheer Curtain Splicing Thermal Reducing 8315 Blackout our Curtain

தோற்றம் இடம்: சீனா
பிராண்ட் பெயர்: ராஞ்சோ
மாடல் எண்: 8315
சான்றிதழ்: பி.எஸ்.சி.ஐ, ஓகோ-டெக்ஸ்
குறைந்தபட்ச ஆர்டர் அளவு: 500PC / COLOR
விலை: USD4-12 / PC
பேக்கேஜிங் விவரங்கள்: பிவிசி
டெலிவரி நேரம்: 9 நாட்கள்
கட்டண வரையறைகள்: TT
விநியோக திறன்: 300000-350000 செட் / மாதம்

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FANCY DECORATION & PREMIUN QUANLITY – With unique and high quality pleat designs, blackout curtains will brighten home decoration and create a calming atmosphere for any room at any time. The fabric itself is one of the most popular material worldwide. With the elegant look, it gives cozy and comfortable atmosphere to room. Material is 100% polyester, it can impede 85%-93% light and UV ray. 

விரைவான விவரம்:

BLOCKING LIGHT & EXCELLENT THERMAL INSULATION –.they are blackout curtain or dim-out curtain. Weight of fabric is from 200gsm to 320gsm. They are very soft and pleasant to touch. Perfect additions for bedroom, living room, kids room and so on. Quality-selected material, no uneven hems, and strict quality control for a better product experience.

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Crafted from 100% premium quality Super Soft fabric (Polyester, Imported). Umi pencil pleat blackout curtains are durable and pleasant to touch. Triple Weave Blackout Technology fabric is a light and flowing material with a special hidden layer that blocks out light for a restful sleep . So it can ensure that people will not be disturbed by the outside world.