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USD8-15 / سيٽ

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70000-75000set / مهينو

PREMIUM QUALITY FABRIC – Crafted using premium buttery poly velvet in the front and soft   microfiber   in the back for those cozy fall and winter nights. This premium quality luxury bedding set is a perfect pick for this winter and gifting season!

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LAVISH DESIGN & COLORS – This versatile and timeless set comes in 3 chosen seasonal colors with contemporary horizontal design which is practically timeless and can be used in bedroom, living room, dorm or guestroom. The VIBRANT COLORS will match the aesthetics of any room to give it a rich and extravagant feel.


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 ھي letڪڻ واري سيٽ سنڀالڻ ڏا extremelyو آسان آھي. اها ٿڌي پاڻي ۾ ڌوٻي چڪي آهي ساڳي رنگن سان. ٿوري گرمي تي پڪل سڪل. notنگ نه ڪيو ـ نه ڀ Fي نه Shاڙيو !! جيڪڏهن مناسب طريقي سان برقرار رکيو ويو ته آخري وقت تائين تعمير ڪيو ويو.


پريم معيار معيار جو نمونو

لائب ڊيزائن ۽ رنگ

مشين صاف ٿيڻ

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