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هوٽل جو ڪليڪشن Duvet Cover Set Stitch Luxury Bedding Set

اصل جو هنڌ چين
برانڊ جو نالو: رانچو
ماڊل تعداد: G2012
سرٽيفڪيٽ: بي ايس سي آئي ، اوڪيڪو-ٽيڪس
گھٽ ۾ گھٽ مقدار جي مقدار 100set
قيمت: USD10-30 / سيٽ
پيڪنگ جا تفصيل: پي وي سي بيگ
پهچائڻ جو وقت: انتظار ۾
ادائگي جي شرطن: TT
رسائي جي صلاحيت:  55000-65000set / مهينو

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●Material:100% Brushed Microfiber.

●The invisible zipper helps you insert and remove your duvet very easily.Pillowcases with envelope closure.Four corner ties will help keep your duvet in place,It has great soft and neat touch , great gifts for families and friends.

●Feature:This texture duvet cover set create a tailored hotel look in your bedroom.bring you the experience of hotel luxury in the comfort of your own home.with blue band stitched on the solid white duvet cover set , make the plain style more vivid and contemporary.the sumptuously soft bedding creates an inviting and cozy setting to drift asleep in.

●Washing instruction:Machine washable,tumble dry on low heat,ironing not required.

●You can buy not only Duvet Cover Set but also comforter set.fabric can be 100% cotton or TC or microfiber. Four corner inside ties to secure the insert, button closure. 

●The set does not include the insert, and you can use a down or down alternative comforter in the duvet cover. 

Euro shams and decorative pillows are sold separately.

 شئ جو نالو Hotel Collection Duvet Cover Set Stitch Luxury Bedding Sets
ڪپڙو جو مواد ترتيب
ڪرائون سائيز واري ٽوئن ’مڪمل‘ راجا ’سپر بادشاھ‘
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