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Baby Blue Pink Modern Darkening Room8223 Blackout Curtains

اصل جو هنڌ چين
برانڊ جو نالو: رانچو
ماڊل تعداد: 8223
سرٽيفڪيٽ: بي ايس سي آئي ، اوڪيڪو-ٽيڪس
گھٽ ۾ گھٽ مقدار جي مقدار 500 پي سي / رنگ
قيمت: USD4-12 / پي سي
پيڪنگ جا تفصيل: عابده طاهراڻي
پهچائڻ جو وقت: 50 DAYS
ادائگي جي شرطن: TT
رسائي جي صلاحيت: 300000-350000set / مهينو

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LAVISH DESIGN & PREMIUN QUANLITY – This blackout curtain is available for various color or multiple color combinations. Reduce outside noise pollution, as of the triple weave technology (Perfect thermal insulator). These curtains are made to protect your wooden furniture/furnishings from direct sun light/heat. The fabric itself is one of the most popular material worldwide. With the elegant look, it gives cozy and comfortable atmosphere to room.

تڪڙا تفصيل:

BLOCKING LIGHT & EXCELLENT THERMAL INSULATION –.they are blackout curtain or dim-out curtain.  Weight of fabric is from 200gsm to 320gsm. Thermal eyelet blackout curtains will keep light out and cool homes during hot summers and save on heating costs by keeping the cold out during the winter months.Quality-selected material, no uneven hems, and strict quality control for a better product experience.


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