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Цайвар саарал өнгийг харанхуй болгох хөшиг

Гарал газар: Хятад
Барааны тэмдэгийн нэр: РАНЧО
Загвар тоо: Саарал, хар саарал
Гэрчилгээний: BSCI, OEKO-TEX
Хамгийн бага захиалгын тоо хэмжээ: 500PC / COLOR
Үнэ: 4-12 USD / PC
Баглаа боодол дэлгэрэнгүй: PVC
Хүргэгдэх хугацаа: 50 DAYS
Төлбөрийн нөхцөл: TT
Хангамж чадвар: 300000-350000 багц / сар

Холбоо барих

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Бүтээгдэхүүний танилцуулга

Техникийн тодорхойлолт:

GREAT EFFECT & PREMIUN QUANLITY – Ideal window dressing for the home decoration, especially for Christmas, Thanksgiving Day. Multiple colours to choose, suitable for a different style. The fabric itself is one of the most popular material worldwide. With the elegant look, it gives cozy and comfortable atmosphere to room. Material is 100% polyester, it can impede 85%-93% light and UV ray. 

Түргэн дэлгэрэнгүй:

BLOCKING LIGHT & EXCELLENT THERMAL INSULATION –.they are blackout curtain or dim-out curtain. Weight of fabric is from 200gsm to 320gsm. They are very soft and pleasant to touch. Perfect additions for bedroom, living room, kids room and so on. Quality-selected material, no uneven hems, and strict quality control for a better product experience.As the labour result shows, the curtains can reduce 10-15% noise. You won't bear the neighbour's sound and car whistle. It is really good for sleep, especially for babies.


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Дулааны тусгаарлалт



100% polyester. Same material and colour back as the front. Machine washable under 30 degrees. Feel free about contacting us if you have any other questions.




Машин угаах боломжтой

Өрсөлдөх давуу тал:

Crafted from 100% premium quality Super Soft fabric (Polyester, Imported). Pencil pleat blackout curtains are durable and pleasant to touch. Block out 85-95% sunlight and UV rays (Dark colour works better) with no lining thanks to the triple weave technology. Light shade & noise reducing for privacy and undisturbed sleep. So it can ensure that people will not be disturbed by the outside world. 

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