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અલ્ટ્રા સોફ્ટ માઇક્રોફાઇબર પટ્ટાઓ પેટર્નની બેડસ્પ્રોડ એચએફ 29031

મૂળ સ્થાને: ચીન
બ્રાન્ડ નામ: રંચો
મોડલ સંખ્યા: HF29031
પ્રમાણન: બીએસસીઆઈ, ઓઇકો-ટેક્સ
ન્યુનત્તમ ઓર્ડર જથ્થો: 100set
ભાવ: USD8-15 / SET
પેકેજીંગ વિગતો: પીવીસી બેગ ડબલ્યુ
વિતરણનો સમય:  બાકી
ચુકવણી શરતો: TT
પુરવઠા ક્ષમતા: 70000-75000set / મહિનો

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LUXURIOUS STYLE & GOOD QUALITY – The Bedspread consists with ocean elements, Using different kinds of blue to add mysterious factors into the room which make room nice and eye catching.Lightweight yet cozy, an embossed coverlet is a great all-year-round blanket that’s easy to care for and machine-washable. The bedspread can be use for daily use or an Special occasion. Decorative embossed stitching adds an effortlessly classic look, instantly. This premium quality luxury bedding set is the perfect accent to bedroom or guest room. 

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BEAUTIFUL SOFT GEOMETRIC PATTERN & COLORS & FUNCTIONS – Experience the most comfort and luxury sleep with our amazing collection of embossed quilted bedspread geometric pattern. It has the understated, monochromatic look while bringing an element of detail and sophistication to the room..The bedspread is light enough to be used in warmer weather, but also holds its own on a chilly night.


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This coverlet is extremely easy to care for. It is Machine washable in cold water with similar colors. Tumble dry on low heat. Do not bleach – No Fade – No Shrink!! Constructed to last very long if maintained properly.Made of soft, supple 100% microfiber with a thin but dense cotton fill, this bedspread is light enough to be used in warmer weather but also endures its own on a cold night.


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