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Embroidery 100% Polyester Bedspread HF29034 Set Quilt Coverlet

મૂળ સ્થાને: ચીન
બ્રાન્ડ નામ: રાંચો
મોડલ સંખ્યા: HF29034
પ્રમાણન: BSCI, OEKO-TEX
ન્યુનત્તમ ઓર્ડર જથ્થો: 100set
ભાવ: USD8-15/SET
પેકેજીંગ વિગતો: પીવીસી બેગ ડબલ્યુ
વિતરણનો સમય:  બાકી
ચુકવણી શરતો: TT
પુરવઠા ક્ષમતા: 70000-75000સેટ/મહિને

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PREMIUM QUALITY FABRIC –The quilt is made of high quality microfiber material with super soft touch and perfect weight. Enough weight to keep customers comfortable, yet light enough to keep them from breaking out in sweat, great to use all year round. It is designed to be classic and versatile, elegant light gray with delicate geometric quilted stitching, easily to match your existing bedroom.

ઝડપી વિગત:

FABULOUS DESIGN & SOPHISTICATED COLOR & FUNCTIONS – Fabulous and attractive design has a great combinations of colors which gives a sophisticated look to room.You can also use it to make a room more subtle and elegant, as it is needed to enhance the beauty of a room and is considered best for the newlywed couples as well. It have the understated, monochromatic look while bringing an element of detail and sophistication to the room..The bedspread is light enough to be used in warmer weather, but also holds its own on a chilly night.


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આ કવરલેટ સેટ કાળજી માટે અત્યંત સરળ છે. તે સમાન રંગો સાથે ઠંડા પાણીમાં ધોવા યોગ્ય મશીન છે. ધીમા તાપે સૂકવી લો. બ્લીચ કરશો નહીં - ફેડ નહીં - સંકોચો નહીં!! જો યોગ્ય રીતે જાળવણી કરવામાં આવે તો તે ખૂબ લાંબા સમય સુધી ટકી શકે છે.



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The top-notch quality and great customer service.This quilt set is reversible, both sides could be used individually. Also, it is prewashed and preshunk to be maximum durable and cozy, ensures it keep the shape over times. Our products come with highest standard quality with 100%customer satisfaction. Easy care and skin friendly.