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የፋክስ ተልባ ኢነርጂ ቁጠባ ጨለማ ክፍል 8127 መጋረጃዎች

መነሻ ቦታ: ቻይና
ብራንድ ስም: ራንኮ
የሞዴል ቁጥር: 8127
የእውቅና ማረጋገጫ: BSCI, OEKO-TEX
ትንሹ ትዕዛዝ ብዛት: 500PC / COLOR
ዋጋ: USD4-12 / ፒሲ
ማሸግ ዝርዝሮች: PVC
የመላኪያ ጊዜ: 50 ቀኖች
የክፍያ ውል: TT
አቅርቦት ችሎታ: 300000-350000set / በወር


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  • ጥያቄ
የምርት ማብራሪያ


EXQUISITED DESIGN & BEAUTIFUL PRINTING – This blackout curtain is available for various color or multiple color combinations. Customers can choose color and joint spot freely. The fabric itself is one of the most popular material worldwide. With the elegant look, it gives cozy and comfortable atmosphere to room.Or only plain is also variable. Material is 100% polyester, it can impede 85%-93% light and UV ray. 

ፈጣን ዝርዝር:

WIDELY USAGE & ROOM DARKENING -- blackout curtain drapes are perfect for living room/bedroom/kids room as functional curtains. Besides, the same materials both side and solid colour add more elegance to house. Weight of fabric is from 200gsm to 320gsm. Thermal eyelet blackout curtains will keep light out and cool homes during hot summers and save on heating costs by keeping the cold out during the winter months.


የጨለማ ክፍል

ያልተለመደ ቅነሳ

ኤነርጂ ቁጠባ

የአሠራር ጥበቃ


Machine washable. Gentle cycle, warm iron. Do not bleach, Do not tumble dry. If there are wrinkles, people just need to hang for a while in warm temperature, the wrinkles will gradually disappear.


ፕሪሚየም የጥራት ልብስ

ላቪሽ ዲዛይን እና ቀለሞች

ማሽን የሚታጠብ

የውድድር ብልጫ :

የእኛ ሶስቴ ዌቭ ብላክውዝ ቴክኖሎጂ ጨርቅ ለእረፍት እንቅልፍ ብርሃንን የሚያግድ ልዩ ድብቅ ሽፋን ያለው ብርሃን እና ወራጅ ቁሳቁስ ነው ፡፡ በእኛ መጋረጃዎች ላይ ሽፋን ወይም ፎርማኔሌይድ የለም ፡፡ በጤና ላይ ምንም ጉዳት የለውም ፣ በተለይም ለህፃን ፡፡ እነሱን ለመግዛት ቀላል ይሁኑ ፡፡