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ሮያል ሰማያዊ 100% ፖሊስተር የአልጋ አሰራጭ- HF29023

መነሻ ቦታ: ቻይና
ብራንድ ስም: ራንኮ
የሞዴል ቁጥር: HF29023
የእውቅና ማረጋገጫ: BSCI, OEKO-TEX
ትንሹ ትዕዛዝ ብዛት: 100set
ዋጋ: USD8-15 / SET
ማሸግ ዝርዝሮች: የ PVC BAG ወ
የመላኪያ ጊዜ:  በመጠባበቅ ላይ
የክፍያ ውል: TT
አቅርቦት ችሎታ: 70000-75000set / በወር


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የምርት ማብራሪያ


LUXURY COMFORTER – The microfiber bedspread features clean-cut edges, the elegant style embossed pattern will easily fit your existing decor. Decorative embossed stitching adds an effortlessly classic look, instantly. This premium quality bedspread is the perfect accent to bedroom or guest room. 

ፈጣን ዝርዝር:

LAVISH DESIGN & COLORS & FUNCTIONS –  Add more beauty to your bedding collection with this coverlet. This lovely set has bright colors and traditional quilted for endless visual appeal and comfort. It also reverses to a complementing pattern so you can easily have two distinct looks in your room.This set has been woven with highest quality. It have the understated, monochromatic look while bringing an element of detail and sophistication to the room..The bedspread is light enough to be used in warmer weather, but also holds its own on a chilly night.


የከፍተኛ ጥራት ልብስ

በውበት የተገነዘበ ዘይቤ

የማጠናቀቂያ ሥራ

ሽርሽር መቋቋም

በዲዛይን ዲዛይን ውስጥ ሁሉም-ሰሞን መጽናኛ


Warm machine wash separately before use. Do not bleach. Maybe tumble dried warm. Warm iron if required. Do not dry clean.


ፕሪሚየም የጥራት ልብስ

ሱፐር ለስላሳ እና ምቾት

ቀላል ክብደት እና ዘላቂ


ቀላል ግልፅ 

የውድድር ብልጫ :

ከፍተኛ ጥራት እና ታላቅ የደንበኞች አገልግሎት። ምርቶቻችን ከ 100% የደንበኛ እርካታ ጋር በጣም ከመደበኛ ጥራት ጋር ይመጣሉ ቀላል እንክብካቤ እና ቆዳን ተስማሚ ፡፡